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The Basic Step of the Carolina Shag - The combination of two triple steps and a kick ball change can be used in triple timing swing dances such as the Carolina shag. Coaster Step - The coaster step is usually a back-together-forward triple step danced to the timing of 1&2 or quick, quick, slow. Sailor Step - The sailor step has a side to side look. Installing the concrete steps The process, as long as no obstacles are present, will begin by excavating to lay the groundwork for the concrete steps. According to the contractor interviewed via our source prior on TheSpruce, these steps should be at least six to eight inches in the ground, but if you live in a colder climate, some contractors may dig as deep as 20 inches. Step 2 - Unlock the safety clip and replace bulb. Once the flap is open, remove the safety clip from out of the lock position, and then turn the tab in a counter-clockwise direction, using force if needed. Remove the harness and bulb from the assembly. Remove the old bulb and snap in a replacement. Fit the harness and newly installed bulb.
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